What is the Entertainment Business Association?

The Entertainment Business Association (EBA) is the only on-campus entity at William & Mary devoted to creating insightful and diverse programming for students interested in working in film, television, music, media, and publishing! Since the entertainment industry is all about who you know, we provide ample networking opportunities for students to interact with well-established entertainment professionals and like-minded peers through our panels, speaker series, and other events. EBA exposes students to the expansive wealth of career options that the entertainment industry offers and helps students make industry contacts that can make their job and internship application processes a million times easier. EBA's ultimate goal is to build a strong community for students with entertainment interests so that they always feel supported in their endeavors!  Join us for always dependable career advice, never-ending support, and fun events that teach you the keys to success!



Contact us at eba@email.wm.edu to be added to our email list

Stay Connected!

Who Does EBA Serve?

Students with interest in the following areas:
























EBA meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm in Tyler 114



Upcoming Events

Student Experience Panel featuring guest from William Morris Endeavor, Live Nation, CBS, and Mashable  | Wednesday, November 15 at 7 pm in Tucker Theater 

Major Keys from Spotify's Head of Creator Programs + Strategy Brendan Codey | Wednesday, November 1 at 7 pm in Tyler 113

Major Keys From Lionsgate Director of Television Jocelyn Sabo  |  Wednesday,  October 25 at 7 pm in Tyler 114 

Major Keys From ICM Partners Literary Agent Daniel Kirschen   |  Wednesday,  September 20 at 7 pm in Tyler 114



Past Events

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Brains Behind the Organization

Nija Rease 

Role(s): Founder & President 

Class Year: Senior 

Major: Finance and Africana Studies

Career Aspirations: Artist Management 

Favorite Celebrity: Beyoncé 

Favorite TV Shows: Power, Insecure, and pretty much any reality TV show! 

Past Internship Experience: Body Whip! By Bellanca, Celebrity Talent Agency, and Stark White Entertainment 



Mara Senchak 

Role(s): Social Outreach Coordinator 

Class Year: Junior

Major(s): Government and Accounting 

Career Aspirations: Still trying to figure it out. 

Favorite Celebrity: Too many to name them all, but Daniel Radcliffe seems really authentic. 

Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones (duh), Riverdale (recent obsession), Stranger Things, Once Upon a Time, Monk, Psych, Project Runway, and Avatar the Last Airbender

Past Internship Experience: Recruiting Intern for an investment bank called Stifel, and a Sales Intern for a media measurement company called comScore 

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